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I am a devoted spell caster. When someone hires me to help them with a problem, I make this problem my own. This is the only way to attain the customer’s desired results: to desire them yourself.  This is our tactic, and one which we have put to 100% successful use for past decades and beyond.  Our trade is not created in this century. Our spells were not taught to us from books but from our mothers and grandmothers.  Our skills were not only trained but inherited. Our family has kept our tradition alive for a long time, finely tuning and perfecting the arts which we all help create.

Our coven has been practicing for as long as we can remember thoughts. Our family is keen about getting us involved at a very early age. 


We specialize in the following spells:

Wiccan Traditional Cast Spells

Love spells,

Triple cast, Triple Bound spells,

Haitian Voodoo Spells,

Black magick Spells

Beauty, glamour and physical change spells,

Weight loss spells,

Break up spells,

Gambling Spells,

Lust and Sex spells,

Sex change spells,

Feature change spells,

Money spells

And more!

It’s hard to find someone that cares in this industry. The problem seems to be that everyone pays money and then has no real guarantee that the problem will be resolved.  We have a policy here: we only charge you for the materials until after you see results. This way, you don’t actually pay us any profit up front. It not only provides you a surety that we will have incentive to make the profit, but also a show of good faith from us. 

Here’s how it works: After you message us with your situation and details, we may request a little more detail if there is not enough to quote you with. We will then send you a custom quote, it will be only for you and your situation and it will consist of at least one solution for you.  If you choose to hire us, you’ll pay the material cost, that is: what it costs us to actually buy the materials for the work. After you are happy with results, you will be asked to pay the labor costs (you’ll know what this is before you agree to the spell casting and it is included in your quote).

One of our customers puts it this way:  “Sapphire is my savior. Her coven has a special skill unlike any other human being I have ever come across, and I have tried a lot of them.  I can honestly say they went way out of their way to help me get my family back together and they can help you with yours.”

We make our spells safe. Nothing you ever order from us will ever be unsafe or cause unsafe consequences to you, your loved ones or your family line. Your karma will only improve from working with us. We only use natural ingredients and never reuse any materials from someone elses’ spell casting. This is a common way other casters save money when helping you. Here, we do not cut any corners. Not a single one.

All of our spells come with a money back guarantee. You cannot lose your money here, even the money you spend on materials.

All of us here at Sapphire’s coven have a lifetime of dedication and practice. We will take your situation seriously and we will work with you to get a resolution.  We have helped people around the world, despite your location, we can help you!

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